Jillian grew up writing poetry, song lyrics, travel journals and many, many lists. She always had a knack for the written word and the tangibility that putting thoughts on paper offered. She began her journalism career at Bermuda’s National Newspaper, The Royal Gazette, writing on topics ranging from car emissions to arts and entertainment. From there, she was hooked.

She was able to attend her dream school, Emerson College, where along with awe-inspiring courses, Jillian held physical and virtual internships—including a contributing writer position at USA Today College—all of which contributed to breaking boundaries in her personal and professional development. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in journalism and minor in political science.

Since graduation, Jillian has taken on a number of pursuits, from living and working as Associate Editor for I Love Chile News in Santiago, Chile to contributing at The Huffington Post, to Editor in Chief at Scene Magazine and her most recent role as Brand & Editorial Director at Electrify Magazine in NYC. The multitasking is an attest to her character; staying busy, staying dedicated, staying the course to share stories that need to be shared.

Jillian receives the most satisfaction from breaking stories of recent innovators to shed light on a vision they’ve worked so hard to create; whether that’s an up-and-coming artist using spray paint and cartoons to explore a childhood dream; or a bootstrapping female VC, turned founder, who created a community to foster female leadership opportunities. Jillian also enjoys the opportunity to shine new light on familiar faces, like finding the sincerity and sensitivity behind precious jewels in her interview with Tiffany’s Chief Gemologist, Melvyn Kirtley; or in her article focusing on Patriots’ wide receiver, Danny Amendola’s charitable efforts and familiar influence.

From travel to tech, business to beauty, fashion to food; one thing is certain in Jillian’s work, she is out to share stories at the most authentic level; writing the best version of a story for those who aren’t able to tell their own, with an integrity and quality as if they were telling it themselves.